Grow an Engaged Community Online to

Sell Out Your Courses and Programs

Imagine selling out your online courses or coaching programs in days or hours.

Your community is excited and is ready to buy at the set price.

They tell others about you, and your product launch feels like a big celebration.

What if you could do it even with a small-size community?

Elfin sold out her All About Italian Retreat and made $6k.

"In the weeks of selling the [All About Italian] Retreat, I [realized that] I couldn’t have done it without my community. I was overwhelmed by the incredible number of shoutouts from other teachers and polyglots. People spontaneously offering to promote and share information about it."

- Elfin Waters, All About Italian

Why you should join our Summit this year

Register for this event to gain access to:

  • Pre-recorded, bite-sized presentations created specifically for this event

  • Pre-recorded interviews with online language teachers sharing insights into their businesses

  • Live Q&A sessions with our speakers and moderators

  • A closed forum where you can connect with speakers and other teachers during the summit.

  • A digital (and printable) workbook for notes, ideas and doodles.

  • 12-month access to all the materials after the event is over.

If you can’t attend a live session in person, you can watch its recording later.

Trisha no longer needs to "hunt people down."

"I only sold once I had a community! So maybe I could imagine the thought of ‘selling something’ which was intimidating. But now that I have a community, it feels different. In a way, it feels like the way it used to feel to find new clients locally here in France. Once people know what you do, know you personally, and know how you work, you don’t have to hunt them down with advertising."

- Trisha Traughber, Vagabond English

Our speakers

Meera Lee Patel

Meera Lee Patel is self-taught artist and writer who believes that anything is possible. She is the author of My Friend Fear: Finding Magic in the Unknown -- a beautiful meditation on fear and how it can help us become who we really are--if we let it.

She's also the author of 2 journals: Made out of Stars and Start where you are.

She is currently a columnist at Spirituality & Health, where she writes and draws about mental health.

Meera's presentation topics:

  1. Find and express your authentic self online and how authenticity helps one stand out from the crowd and build an engaged community.

  2. Choose your niche and open up your work to the world. How to deal with fears of inadequacy and insecurity.

  3. Sell without selling: how to promote your products and services on Instagram and how to create an atmosphere of excitement about the projects you’re working on (so launches don’t feel like a drag).

  4. Find clients and projects and how to choose the right product for your brand to overcome the pains of creating too much too soon.
Marloes De Vries

Marloes De Vries is a freelance illustrator and writer, working with publishers, magazines and other companies. She enjoys working with others, creating exciting projects. She illustrates (picture) books, designs book covers, creates editorial illustrations for magazines, comics and cartoons for Tina and Flair. Next to her illustration work, she’s also a freelancer writer for magazines like Flow Magazine and Charlie.

Marloes's presentation topics:

  1. Create a memorable brand online sharing the work you love and how to reach more people with your message.

  2. Build authentic connections on Instagram so you find loyal clients and customers ready to invest.

  3. Build a paid community on Patreon without overwhelming your patrons with gifts and offers.

  4. Connect with your fans consistently but without exhausting yourself as a creator and business owner.
Elena Mutonono

Elena Mutonono is a coach who helps online teachers transform their work from the unpredictable 1:1 lesson hustle into a smarter model with more freedom and flexibility.

Elena's Presentation Topics:

  1. Find your people in the oversaturated and highly competitive online world: the first 3 building blocks of an engaged online community online.

  2. Grow your community while you teach 1:1: the difference between 1:1 clients and an engaged community online.

  3. Set up your first paid community with basic tech knowledge: accessible and affordable tools to use.

  4. Create engagement, transformation and avoid overwhelm: what language teachers should include into their online content.

  5. Avoid these traps when you’re building your paid community: what you should expect when you’re at the beginning of your journey.

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Once you purchase your ticket you will receive a confirmation email with the receipt from Teachable saying you can now access the materials at any time. All participants will receive invites to the forum and live events via email so be sure to check all your email folders.



These online language teachers will share how to build an engaged community and grow your business in an authentic and sustainable way:

Charlotte Maatman
an online Dutch teacher who helps expat women find their new home in the Netherlands
Cara Leopold
an online English teacher who helps expats improve their listening skills so they can communicate with more confidence
Barbara Rocci
an online Italian teacher who helps upper-Intermediate and advanced learners speak more spontaneously in Italian, immersing themselves into a vibrant life of Italy
Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle
an online French teacher & Mindful Life Coach who helps intermediate — advanced French learners find their authentic voice and express it confidently
Trisha Traughber
a creative writing coach who helps her clients capture moments in memories through writing
Elfin Waters
an online Italian teacher who equips Intermediate learners of Italian with the tools they need to immerse themselves into Italian without spending hours working on it

Register now

Daily Schedule:

Day 1, Wednesday May 13:

Enjoy the presentations of Meera Lee Patel, Charlotte Maatman and Jessica Ruelle.

Day 2, Thursday May 14:

Tune in to hear Marloes De Vries, Cara Leopold and Barara Rocci.

Day 3, Friday May 15:

Don’t miss Elena Mutonono, Elfin Waters and Trisha Traughber.

Group events:

  • Live Q&A and teacher hangouts at 1 PM Central US, recordings will be available

  • Closed Forum is open from May 12 through May 30

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event only for language teachers?
Yes, it’s a program that focuses to help online teachers and coaches scale their businesses beyond 1:1.
Will there be a certificate?
Yes! All participants will be able to generate digital certificates at the end of the Summit.
Can this qualify as professional development for language teachers?
No, this event is for language teachers who want to build their businesses not improve their language teaching skills.
How long do I have access to materials?
12 months.
Can I just read a book about online communities?
There’s no comparison between listening to a music album and going to a live concert. By joining the Summit you not only learn about a community, you get to experience its power. In order to grow your own community you need to know what it’s like and how people need the support of their peers.